Small Point Club Preservation Fund

The SPC Preservation Fund will promote appreciation of the history, culture, ecology, and beauty of the Maine Coast in several ways. The Fund will ensure that informational materials on Maine history, local cultural events, museums, wildlife, and environment are available at the Small Point Club. During the summer the SPC Preservation Fund will do the following:

  • Sponsor lectures by naturalists, historians, artists, and authors on topics of interest.

  • Sponsor an annual Art Show featuring local artists of note, whose works will portray the Maine coast and life therein.

  • Award a Founder’s Prize from time to time to an individual whose activities represent an extraordinary commitment to the preservation of the Maine Coast, its history, culture and environment.

  • Hold an annual fundraiser which may include an auction sale of donated items.


All events and activities will be run by volunteers.

The Board of Directors will accept proposals from the Small Point Club Corporation for repair and maintenance of the façade and structure of the 1897 Club building. This building, designed by Joseph Ladd Neal, is architecturally significant and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Board will award grants of specific amounts for approved projects. These grants will be paid upon completion of the work and submission of cost documentation. The SPC Preservation Fund will not directly employ any workers or contract for any of these projects.

The Board will endeavor to make the Small Point Club an asset in the preservation and appreciation of the history, culture, and the natural environment in Maine. As funding permits, the Board may consider donations to local organizations promoting the goals of the SPC Preservation Fund. The Board plans to develop formal application materials to better streamline the grant awards process.